How to create a habit of exercising gratitude daily

How to create a habit of exercising gratitude daily

Waking up everyday and feeling grateful. It sounds like something people who haven't got problems or any real struggles in life go through. Well I'm here to tell you that it is possible for everyone to feel more grateful and happier too, including you - and everyday!

Here are 3 tips I've practiced first-hand that have worked for me, and I'm positive will work for you too. Let me know how you get on!

1. Write them down.

List 3 things every morning or every night that you're grateful for that day. You can pick up gratitude journals in most stationary shops now - go pick one up this week and try writing in it everyday for the next month.

2. Say the T word more often.

Make a habit of actually saying the words "thankyou" to the people who you're grateful for having in your life.

3. Think it.

The power of the mind can't be underestimated. Refocus and retrain your mindset to think positive thoughts about the things you are thankful for. You'll soon start to feel and exercise gratitude daily as a result. 

Sending love and positive energy, 
Sofia x