5 things you can do today to boost your energy.

Life is busy. And tiring. I hear ya.

The one thing I always am in need of is more energy and after doing a fair bit of reading and research on the best ways to boost this, I've managed to summarise the top 5 habits you can incorporate into your daily life to feel an instant change in your energy levels. Some of these sound so simple but trust me, they work!

1. Fuel your body

What does your diet look like? Are you fuelling yourself with the right type of foods everyday to keep your energy levels high? Make an effort to keep your body hydrated well with 8 cups of water a day, and to eat your greens - mama is always right!

2. Get more ZZZ's

Studies have shown getting around 7-8 hours sleep is the ideal for optimum productivity and focus the next day. And it really is true. Make sure you you have a healthy sleep routine - sleeping and waking up at a consistently similar time everyday works wonders on the body!

3. How often do you say thank you?

Exercising gratitude on a daily basis is healthy for both the body and the mind, and some would even agree.. the soul! When we do things for other people, this is scientifically proven to produce 'happy' chemical on a biological level which in turn have an impact on our overall physical state and wellbeing. 

4. Smile - science says so

Even forcing yourself to smile when you don't want to can have a positive impact on how you feel overall. When you move your facial muscles into the position of a smile, your brain reacts by releasing endorphins and serotonin - again, the 'happy' hormones that we like! Not only will you find you feel more happy and positive as result, but also more energetic!

5. Get your blood pumping - how about Zumba?

This ones pretty obvious right?! Nothing gets the energy levels up than an awesome Zumba workout. Come along to one of my upcoming sessions in London soon to experience it for yourself!

Sending positive energy and Zumba love,
Sofia x